Reduce costs for smaller shipments

Shared container service

Are you considering relocating your household belongings abroad or seeking economical options for international shipping? 

Explore our shared container service, offering a budget-friendly approach to transporting your possessions to your new residence.


What is A Shared Container Service?

A shared container service, often called groupage, presents an economical option for shipping goods that don’t necessitate an entire container. This service merges shipments from multiple clients with similar destinations or routes, allowing them to pool resources and minimize costs. 

It’s especially beneficial for smaller loads that wouldn’t warrant the expense of a dedicated container.

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What are the benefits


Clients only pay for the space within the container, making it a more economical option than hiring an entire container for smaller shipments.

Environmental Sustainable

Sharing container space reduces carbon emissions by maximizing shipping capacity, contributing to a more sustainable shipping process.


It is ideal for individuals or businesses with smaller shipments, allowing them to benefit from the cost savings and convenience of shared shipping.


Shared container services often have regular schedules, providing reliable transit times and streamlined client logistics.

4 Simple Steps

How It Works

Step 1:
Packing & Transport

Our expert crew of movers will arrive to pack your belongings and transport them to our warehouse.

Step 2:
Shared Container

We will consolidate your goods where multiple customers share a container and collectively utilize container space.

Step 3:

Your belongings will be transported to your destination country safely & securely. We will keep you updated through every step.

Step 5:

Once your shipment arrives, our trusted destination partners will unpack everything of your belongings in your new home.

We Take Care Of Everything

We always ensure that your international and domestic relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Since 2012, Classic Moving has managed more than 14000’s successful relocations.

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