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Secure Storage Singapore

Keeping Your Belongings safe & secure with Classic Moving. 24/7 Security Measures, Air-Conditioned Storage, Purpose Built Containers, Quality Storage Space in Singapore. Contact us today.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe & Secure with Classic Moving

Need some extra space in Singapore?

Classic Moving is here to provide the best storage solutions for your requirements.

Sometimes, things need to be left behind, or you may face issues with your rental terms, needing a little more time before your items can be delivered to your door.

We offer storage services for all of your needs with our storage facility in Singapore.

Need storage options for countries outside of Singapore?

Not to worry – Our storage solutions extend to Malaysia and your destination overseas.

Wherever you need the extra space, Classic Moving’s storage services have you covered.


How Our Storage Space Can Help You

•If you need more time during the move process, you can utilise our storage space while you get the required work settled.
•Moved into a new home with furnishing? Store your unneeded furniture with Classic Moving's storage space in Singapore!
•Whether you're carrying out renovations at home or work, a storage unit can protect your office furniture and household belongings.
•If your shipment has arrived at your destination country but you're not ready to receive them, you can first opt for storage space.


Quality Storage Space in Singapore

We have our own warehouse storage facilities in Singapore with half a million cubic feet. Our warehouse can accommodate the storage of items that require an air-conditioned clime as well.

24/7 Security

24/7 Security Measures

Our facilities provide peace of mind against fire, theft and flooding.
In addition, there are multiple safety measures in place, such as 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance and strict entry restrictions for anybody not employed by us.

Air-Conditioned Storage

Air-Conditioned Storage Singapore

In tropical climates, it is typical for us to see dry and sunny weather and humid and wet weather.
Have items that require more sensitive and stable storage conditions?
With our air-conditioned storage facility, we're able to accommodate wine storage, art storage and more, no matter the requested duration!

Purpose Built Containers

Purpose Built Containers

Classic Moving takes every possible precaution to safeguard your belongings within our storage space.
That's why we store your goods in custom-built containers to provide ideal storage conditions, thereby reducing the risk of climate-triggered risks.

  • The cost of storage may vary between facilities. It is dependant on the storage size, features of the space, and the location of our storage facilities in Singapore.
  • Our storage solutions cater to anyone who needs the extra space.
  • So whether you’re a business owner with specific business needs, or you’re moving your family and want to store items that you rarely use, our storage spaces are guaranteed to provide you with the best storage experience.
  • Our customers are allowed to store close to anything, especially store friendly goods.
  • Some examples include books, documents, commercial stock, antiques, furniture, sports equipment, building materials, collectables or anything bulky that you do not often use at home or in the office.
  • Our storage space can also accommodate climate-sensitive needs like wine storage.
  • Unsure if your items are permitted for storage at our facility? Just contact any of our helpful staff as it is our pleasure to assist you.
  • Customers are not allowed to store objects that do not adhere to the safety requirements of our business. These include:
    • Haphazard materials such as flammable and explosives goods
    • Decomposable items such as exposed food
    • Livestock such as plants and animals
    • Illegal or stolen goods such as firearms, drugs etc.
  • Some of our storage units have air conditioning. Therefore, it’s suitable for customers who desire to take precautions with the condition and quality of their goods.
  • Although not all goods may require such storage, erratic weather and humidity in Singapore may damage even the most store friendly of items.
  • In basic storage facilities, household belongings such as books and photos are susceptible to browning (paper rot) and clothing can become damp or exude an odour if left in the high humidity in Singapore.
  • With our air-conditioned storage facility, we’re able to accommodate wine storage, art storage and more, no matter the requested duration!
  • No one is allowed in any of our storage units except the storage companies’ staff.
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